Lightning fast volume rendering with GPU + MPI

Pavoreal (spanish for peacock) is an easy to use, general volume rendering tool we developed to visualize simulations from our research. Our aim was to create a rapid visualization tool to animate the large output of our simulations (on both structured and unstructured grids). Modularity and extendibility of our code is a key focus, so that we may continue to use it with our ongoing research projects. The code is written in Python and uses both GPUs (with PyCUDA) and MPI to parallelize the creation of presentation-quality movies as much as possible.

The Team

Fernando works on numerical simulations of the formation of the first stars and first galaxies in the Universe.

Xinyi studies particle acceleration in quasi-relativistic shocks.

Philip works on designing new, Galilean-invariant, divergence-free numerical methods for solving MHD on a moving mesh.